5 habits Hurting your Family’s Health and Bank Account


  1. Purchasing Juice, sugary drinks, and soda instead of drinking water. If your fridge is full of juices, gatorade, Powerade, and sugary drinks try to remove these and replace them with water. I could write 10 pages on how soft drinks are bad for you, but we all know that soda and sugary drinks aren’t good for us they just taste good and are hard to quit drinking. According to several sources the average family spends $850 on soft drinks per year. Think of how much money you would save each year if you only drank water? What Shea and I like to do is buy a Brita water filter and buy a water bottle and fill it up and drink it. That way we only spend money one time on the water filter and bottle and then the rest is free. Buy a Brita water filter and some water bottles and watch and see how much money you will save.
  2. Ordering Soft Drinks instead of water at Restaurants: The last restaurant I ate at was the Cheesecake Factory with my teammates and most of them ordered a strawberry lemonade and that cost $3.50. If you are eating out as a family and you have a family of 6 people and each person orders a lemonade thats $21 plus tax. Try to get in the habit of ordering water everytime you go out and eat! You will be shocked on how much money you save and how much better your health will be.
  3. Buying Candy in bulk: when you go to Sam’s Club or Costco think about how many boxes of candy, chips, and snacks you put into your cart. I’m not telling everyone no candy, but It would be wise to stop buying candy in bulk. Buy pieces of candy not boxes when you do your weekly shopping. Once again you will improve your health and save your bank account. There are plenty of healthy snacks out there that taste great.
  4. Eating out as a family: I think it’s a good thing to go out and eat with your family once a week. Going out is a fun event for your family and it gives you time to hang out as a family and enjoy some good food. If you find yourself eating out more than once a week or stopping at Wendy’s or McDonalds few times a week I would find a solution to stop. As a mom I know it can be hard to cook for a bunch of people everyday, but it’s important that your family eats healthy. I would suggest cooking things in a crock pot because you can cook big meals and you don’t have to sit and watch it. You can let it slowly cook throughout the day. If you eat out 2 times week try to cut it to one, if you you out 4 times a week try and cut it to 2. Eating out is fun, but it’s expensive and can be really unhealthy!
  5. Watching 4-5 hours a day of TV and Playing Video Games: I will always be grateful for my mom never buying me a PS2 after my PS1 broke. It saved me a lot of time and allowed me to focus on what was really important at the time. The average American watches four plus hours of TV a day! Some polls even had the average American watching five hours of TV a day. Think about how much time that is!? Watch less TV and spend more time doing constructive things to improve your health and achieve your goals. However long you watch TV a day try and cut that number in half.

Remember Habits can not only be unhealthy, but very expensive. Be smart and improve your health and bank account all at the same time.

What habits are hurting your health and bank account?



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Kyle Collinsworth is a professional basketball player, currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. He is a also a health coach, motivational speaker, and author or multiple books on health and fitness.

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