A Few Things I Ate On The Road Today

People always ask me how do you eat healthy on the road!? The answer is preparation!

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin

This quote is the answer to how I eat healthy on the road. Here are two simple ways that you can prepare to eat healthy on the road.

  1. Bring healthy snacks with you. Meals are one problem, but not having snacks is another. Bring healthy snacks with you and bring the amount according to how many days you are gone. It gets old saying no to unhealthy food, but when you have your own food it makes it a lot easier.
  2. Scout the area in advance. When you are traveling to a certain area look up healthy places to eat in that area. Just this simple step makes it a whole lot easier. If there isn’t something really healthy then play the good, better, best game. Once you find some healthy places it makes it easier to commit to those places when you get there because you are more invested since you put in the time.

Today i’m In Rio Grand Valley in the south of Texas. I brought some snacks with me for travel and in between meals and I’ve located two places to eat at. The first one is a smoothie and açaí bowl place called Earth Born. This place has amazing healthy smoothies juices, and açaí bowls. I used this place for breakfast.

The other place is Zoe’s Kitchen where I’ve eaten there for lunch today and plan on eating there for dinner as well. Today I got the cauliflower bowl with salmon. I understand this place may not be completely ideal, but for the area it was the best option for me. Here are some pictures of some of the food I had today.

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Have a great day!

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Kyle Collinsworth is a professional basketball player, currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. He is a also a health coach, motivational speaker, and author or multiple books on health and fitness.

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