Ebooks Coming Soon!

I’m happy to announce that there will be a couple Ebooks I have been working on for quite some time that will be ready here in the next couple of months! There are two Ebooks one focused on food and nutrition and the other on exercise and mindset. They will be filled with information, experience, and research that i’ve learned over the last three plus years.


The Ebooks will contain

-What is my diet?

-Guide on how to shop healthy

– Healthy grocery shopping list

-15+ recipes and videos for healthy food

-recipes on making healthy desserts/snacks

-mountain running workout videos

-pool workout videos

-paddle boarding workout videos

-progressional push-up formula +workout videos

-progressional pull-up workout videos

-7 step guide to eating healthy

-3 biggest myths of eating healthy

– How to stop sugar cravings

-progressional cardio workouts at your own pace

-Fats vs Refined Carbs

-Beginners guide to make your own food

-My top 5 superfoods

-my secret Russian superfood

-Breaking the Start, stop, and quite cycle

-People to follow and books to read

All this and much much more!!


About Kyle

Kyle Collinsworth is a professional basketball player, currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. He is a also a health coach, motivational speaker, and author or multiple books on health and fitness.

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