A Non-Negotiable  is something you do no matter what, lay aside all excuses you just get it done.

In terms of healthily lifestyle it’s important to have non-negotiables in order to start seeing long-term success.

Setting up non-negotiables for your health displays that health is now a priority and that each day there are certain things you are going to do to improve your health.


My Non-negotiables right now

  • Read something wholesome/uplifting in the morning
  • Do my routine morning hike
  • read 20 minutes of a self-help book
  • meditate and visualize for at least 5 minutes
  • Green Smoothie and Large green salad


When it comes to your health creating non-negotables is crucial to having long-term real success. Try setting a few and sticking to them and watch how fast your health can improve.


Example Non-negotiables

  • morning walk
  • meditate for 5 minutes
  • Make and eat a healthy breakfast
  • exercise in the morning
  • drink 100 oz of water
  • stretch at morning/night
  • prepare and bring lunch to work
  • no electronics past 10 p.m.
  • Walk after work
  • write in gratitude journal

Above is a list of just some examples of a few things you might add to your list. Feel free to create your own and make sure you treat them as non-negotiables. Remember non-negotiable means no matter what you are going to do it!

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About Kyle

Kyle Collinsworth is a professional basketball player, currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. He is a also a health coach, motivational speaker, and author or multiple books on health and fitness.

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