The Law of Attraction: Visualization and finding your happy place

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve” Napoleon Hill.


Every day I do two mental exercises that help me achieve my goals.

The first exercise is I pick one of my goals I want to focus on for the day.

I listen to the sound of rain (that sound is very relaxing for me) and I’ll spend five minutes visualizing me achieving my goal. Visualizing me training and going through my daily routine.

I’ll visualize things as if I’ve already achieved my goal. I’ll create the emotions I would have if I’ve already achieved my goals. I see me living my life as if I’ve already achieved my goal.

By visualizing me achieving my goal and as if I’ve already achieved my goal I start creating the law of attraction, which helps attract things into my life that will help achieve my goal.

By Visualizing I start putting the subconscious mind to work and even while I’m asleep my subconscious mind is trying to figure out how to achieve my goal.

My Happy Place

The second thing I do for my daily routine is again listen to the sound of rain only this time I don’t have a set agenda. I just close my eyes and picture only happy things.

Picture the world as I want to see it. If you guys have seen Happy Gilmore I basically close my eyes and go to my happy place and see things as I want to see them.

See me achieving all my goals and living a life of abundance and joy. I see my giving back to the people I love. I picture the world and my life in a great place.

I simply go to my happy place for about 10 minutes. Turn of the TV and turn off all noise and give myself 10 minutes each day to go to my happy place.

This exercise is designed to put you into a good state of mind. You can do it in the morning or at night. “Visualizing is daydreaming with a purpose” Bo Bennet.

the Key LOAThe book, The Key to Living the Law of Attraction (click here) is something I’ve used to help me understand the law of attraction better.

I love this book too because inside there is space to write down 101 goals you want to achieve in your life time.

It’s been fun to write down things I want to do or achieve in my life. “To Accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” Anatole France.

About Kyle

Kyle Collinsworth is a professional basketball player, currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. He is a also a health coach, motivational speaker, and author or multiple books on health and fitness.


  • Brenton

    I was very impressed by this. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction by watching “The Secret” years ago as a young man. I liked the concepts behind it but always thought of it in smaller immediate terms. I appreciate the concept of visualizing a set goal for the day or week or month, etc. That is something I do not do well at is setting daily goals. I am not terribly athletic so my goals would be related to other things but I still need them. How and when do you set your daily/weekly goals? What type of goals are the best ones to focus on?

    • Kyle Collinsworth
      Kyle Collinsworth

      The law of attraction is not just for sports it’s for any area of life. If you wanted to lose weight or gain weight or get a six pack or get a job promotion the law of attraction will help you achieve it. I like to set my goals on sunday. I look at my long term goals I set and sit down and my goals for the week that will help me get closer to my long term goals. Prioritize your goals and the ones that are must important to you put the must focus on.
      Example: Long term goal: get this job promotion at work
      Weekly goal- be the first to work and the last to leave
      weekly goal- eat healthy and exercise so my mind is alert and energized at work
      weekly goal- have lunch with my boss and talk about the promotion

      Set your big goal and every week set goals that help you achieve your big goal.. and you can have short term goals that show you are having progress towards your long term goal.
      example: I want to loose 50 pounds in a year (long term goal)
      short term goal: Loose 15 pounds in 3 months
      short term goal: Loose 30 pounds in 6 months
      weekly goals: eat a healthy breakfast everyday
      weekly goals: have a green smoothie everyday
      weekly goals: drink a gallon of water everyday
      weekly goals: walk a mile 5x a week.

      make sense? comment back if you have any questions.

  • Anonymous


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