Transformation Tuesday: Katelyn Allen

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the chance to interview several people on their amazing transformations to good health.

This week meet Katelyn Allen and see her amazing story!

“Before I had my second baby I was 230lbs. After he was born I was 207lbs. This morning I weighed 171.2lbs.”


1. What inspired you to make a change? 

What inspired me to change was my family. I wanted to feel healthy to play with my kids. I wanted to feel beautiful for my husband and I wanted to feel good about myself. I was done feeling bad about myself and beating myself up about how I looked and how unhealthy I was.

2. What were some of your biggest challenges mentally/emotionally with losing weight?

Some of my biggest challenges mentally with losing weight was believing in myself that I could do it. My husband, McKay, was a huge support in it because he helped me make a meal plan, supported me in getting a personal trainer, and checking in with me daily on how I was doing.

Some of the biggest challenges emotionally we’re letting go of failure and thinking I was a bad mom for going and working out instead of being with my kids. I had tried so many times to lose weight but nothing worked. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law helped me here by introducing me to the Keto Diet. They had lost weight themselves on this diet and they helped me get into the diet. McKay helped me to plan time to go workout when the boys were sleeping so I wouldn’t feel bad leaving.

3. What were some of the biggest things that helped you out?

Some of the biggest things that helped me out were:
• Getting on the Keto Diet with the help of McKay’s siblings
• Counting my Calories and Carbs on My Fitness Pal
• Getting a Personal Trainer to help me get back into working out
• The support of my sweet, superhero, loving husband McKay
• The song, “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman to help me get over my self doubt and beating myself up

4. How did you stay motivated and inspired to stay on course and keep losing weight?

What kept me motivated and inspired to stay on course to keep losing weight was knowing that the keto diet worked for McKay’s siblings who introduced me to it and that it worked for my body when I started it. I saw the pounds coming off with eating better and working out and I wanted to see more come off. Also I was getting lots of compliments on how i looked and my clothes were getting more baggy and I was fitting into old clothes again. I was starting to feel like myself again and I felt good.

5. What foods did you give up and what foods did you start eating?

Foods I gave up:
• Tortillas
• Tortilla Chips
• Beans
• Candy
• Chocolate
• Ice Cream
• Rice
• Sushi
• Some fruits (that are high in carbs)
• Bread
• Jam and Jelly
• Juice
• Sugary soda
• All processed food

Foods I Started eating:
• Pepperonis
• More cheese
• More eggs
• More meats
• Turkey
• Ham
• Sausage
• Chicken
• Pork
• Wings
• Ribs
• Fish
• Shrimp
• Low carb veggies
• Zucchini
• Spaghetti squash
• Spinach
• Bell peppers
• Brussel sprouts
• More ranch
• Pork rinds
• Fat bombs
• More cream cheese
• Heavy whipping cream

6. What daily routines did you get rid of to lose weight?

Daily routines that I got rid of to loose weight was emotional eating from getting frustrated or overwhelmed with two kids. I threw out foods that I couldn’t stop eating, and I got rid of my negative thoughts.

7. What daily routines did you add to help you lose weight?

Daily Routines that I added to help me loose weight was eating better, never missing Monday to go to the gym because that pushed me to go at least 3x a week to the gym. I added drinking more water, going to bed early, and thanking Heavenly Father more for helping me through this.

8. Was their any resources (books, websites, people) you used to helped you know what to do and inspire you to do it?

Other resources I used:
• The Greatest Showman songs to motivate me
• My husband is in the Bishopric and he has to go to different classes on Sunday so we went through The Addiction Recovery Program together and that helped me with emotional eating, overeating, and my post pardum wit my second baby.
• McKays siblings are always helpful to know what to eat on the keto diet.
• Prayer and Scripture Study
• Looking up keto tips and recipes online

9. What are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in your life since you’ve become heathlier?

Some of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in my life since I’ve become healthier is that I have more self confidence, no more self doubt or beating myself up, less emotional eating and over eating, feeling like I’m a better mom and wife, and having more energy.

Before I had my second baby I was 230lbs. After he was born I was 207lbs. This morning I weighed 171.2lbs.


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