What Food Pyramid Does Your Diet Follow?

What Food pyramid does your diet follow?











Above is the food pyramid that we grew up on and were taught in our health class in school. This pyramid is based on the S.A.D. Diet, which is the Standard American Diet.

It’s very fitting that it’s called the S.A.D. diet, because following it will make you sad about your health!

The S.A.D. Pyramid has 6-11 servings of refined carbs, while the primal blueprint pyramid doesn’t have any refined carbs at all! The key to changing your health is to remove the refined carbs.

Insulin Spike

In the 1950s we labeled fat as the enemy through the study called ‘The Seven Countries Study’ and we replaced fat with more sugar and more refined carbs.

Both sugar and refined carbs spike our insulin, which has lead us to the diabetes and obesity epidemic. If you want to change your health change your pyramid!

I would highly recommend following Mark Sission’s pyramid and having vegetables be the staple of your diet

Primal Blueprint Pyramid 

We can see how the high-carb low-fat diet really hindered America’s health.  Mark Sission’s pyramid puts a high emphasis on eating vegetables and greens and elimates refined carbs.

Healthy fats are a big emphasis and fruits are in moderation and season besides berries. The moderation foods in his pyramid are foods that most of America eats the most of.

By following the primal blueprint pyramid you reduce insulin spikes and you become fat adaptive (meaning your body uses your fat for energy instead of storing it).


Change Your Pyramid

The best way to change your pyramid is to reduce refined carbs and replace them with more vegetables and healthy fats.

I don’t think we were designed to eat refined carbs and I know for sure we weren’t design to have 6-11 servings. Try filling half your plate with vegetables and the other half with healthy fats and proteins!


Remember you can’t put a price tag on good health! Don’t wait until bad news comes to change your health, eat every bite with your future body in mind!

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